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Quick 42

Quick 42
The multifaceted bench for both cosmetic and structural damages.

Quick 42's optimized platform is capable of handling everything from light cosmetic damage to heavy structural repairs - competitively priced to expedite your Return On Investment.

With over 90 % of collision repairs being cosmetic in nature, the "Lean-design" of the Quick 42 bench system is capable of processing simpler cosmetic damage and the more difficult structural damage repairs in less time.

· Vehicles can be measured either unloaded on the platform ramps or in a clamped loaded position.

· Smart fixtures make vehicle anchoring easy and secure.

• The automatic tilt function and adjustable lightweight drive on ramps that are removable make it easy to access the damaged areas of a vehicle, measuring and anchoring points.
· With pulling power of 10 tons, the QUICK 42 can handle any substantial damage.